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title: "In The Beginning..."
description: "The first of many posts chronicling my journey from having an idea to selling it."
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It was February 6, 2011 when [I posted to HackerNews]( about an idea that I had. It was a way store and share your photos that would ensure their permanence for decades into the future. This wasn't the first idea I've had nor was it the first idea I'd end up leaving my job to pursue. In fact, this would end up being my third photo related service I've launched.
8 years prior I had started working on something that would end up being named Photagious. It was 2003 and the Internet looked much different then than it does today.
Facebook or Flickr hadn't been launched and everyone had a Hotmail account. Digital cameras were only starting to become popular and Kodak was still producing cameras and film. It wasn't until the end of 2007 that we shut Photagious down. The hardest part of shutting the service down was receiving emails a year later inquiring if we had backups of the photos we had deleted prior to sending servers back to HP.
That's when the seeds for OpenPhoto were planted.
## Detoxing from start-up life in California
I was newly married and we had just moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from Ohio. The last thing I wanted to think about was pursuing another idea. Instead Rachel and I spent the next 3 years discovering and falling in love with Sunnyvale; the city we moved to.
In June of 2010 we had our son, Tavin. Life became infinitely better and busier. My collection of photos started getting infinitely bigger as well. We were taking a ridiculous number of photos and videos. Each one of these photos were priceless and grew in value as Tavin became older.
I revisted the question of what to do with all these photos. It was important to us that these photos be around when Tavin was in his 20s. I had the realization that everything was converging on being able to write software that made it easy to organize and share photos without sacrificing data ownership or portability.
By 2011 Kickstarter was only 2 years old and hadn't yet broke the $1M funding level for any single project. It was also a time when Kickstarter had to approve which project could launch a crowdfunding campaign on their site. Fortunately they picked an idea I submitted.
## Kickstarting OpenPhoto
I launched my [Kickstarter campaign for OpenPhoto]( on July 1<sup>st</sup> of 2011. It was an intense 30 days that didn't follow the typical inverted bell curve of funding that most Kickstarter campaigns do. Instead I received a big boost in the middle of the 30 day campaign when [Techcrunch covered OpenPhoto](
By the end of the campaign I crossed my funding goal by raising $25,242 of my $25,000 goal. The successful funding from Kickstarter helped validate not only that people were interested in OpenPhoto but that they were willing to pay for it.
After celebrating I realized that the real work was about to begin...
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