Commit 5e37436a authored by Michael Rose's avatar Michael Rose
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Exclude and LICENSE from _site

parent 4b3dd0f7
......@@ -67,4 +67,4 @@ kramdown:
coderay_css: class
include: [".htaccess"]
exclude: ["lib", "config.rb", "Gemfile", "Capfile", "Gemfile.lock", "config", "log", "Rakefile", "Rakefile.rb", "tmp", "less", "*.sublime-project", "*.sublime-workspace", "test", "spec", "Gruntfile.js", "package.json", "node_modules"]
exclude: ["lib", "config.rb", "Gemfile", "Capfile", "", "LICENSE", "Gemfile.lock", "config", "log", "Rakefile", "Rakefile.rb", "tmp", "less", "*.sublime-project", "*.sublime-workspace", "test", "spec", "Gruntfile.js", "package.json", "node_modules"]
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