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It was around 4pm on a Friday and I found myself stuck in traffic on 101 northbound. I was by myself so I couldn't use the HOV lanes; not that they're much faster.
Patrick first emailed me on June 30<sup>th</sup> of 2011.
> I'm offering my help because I think your idea is great and it will be something special. -- Patrick, in his first email to me
I doubt he thought that email would result in him leaving his job and flying to the US just 9 months later. It was his first of many visits after he joined me as co-founder. Patrick was living in Belgium during the first two years of OpenPhoto. His visits became frequent and my kids adored *uncle Patrick*.
## Deep thoughts in traffic
Back to that traffic I was stuck in. March of 2012 was a particularly difficult time for our company. We were making great progress on our product and signing up more users every day but we were <a href="../fundraising/#failed">struggling to raise capital</a>. We didn't know this when booking dates for Patrick to come out to California.
There were a lot of thoughts running through my head as I stared at cars with people who had normal jobs. People I imagined at the time to not have the type of financial and business stress I was feeling that day. I thought to myself, "Patrick used to be one of those people."
I wondered if I had ruined Patrick's life. I also knew that I needed to greet him with a smile and enthusiasm at SFO.
It's one thing to have a bad day because I'm stressed about my own life. There was something extra terrible to think about how my actions might have inadvertantly affected someone else's life.
## A great first visit
The stress subsided once I arrived at his terminal and picked him up. Being in the same room and working together was theraputic for us and we accomplished a ton in just one week. It helped to get on the same page and come up with a plan we both believed in moving forward.
Don't get me wrong. We had a lot of difficult conversations surrounding the business. But by the time he left a week later we felt confident in a plan to keep going.
OpenPhoto and Trovebox nearly died that week and I have Patrick to thank for it's survival.
......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ Unsurprisingly, I received an email from Nicola in March letting me know we were
No shit.
## Reflecting on failed funding attempts
## <a name="failed"></a>Reflecting on failed funding attempts
By now we had spent more than 6 months trying to raise funding. It was starting to seem hopeless. Fundraising is a complicated beast. There are a few ways you can almost certainly secure funding. Traffic and a prior exit; preferably the former. We didn't have either.
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