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layout: post
title: "Reaching the Promise Land"
description: "The final chapter of our startup journey."
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tags: [trovebox]
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credit: Jaisen Mathai
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We set out to build a sustainable business around selling subscription services. Our initial hypothesis of being able to do this in the consumer photo space [turned out to be wrong]( That led to us to [pivot Trovebox into a business product](../the-pivot/).
> I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying. -- Jeff Bezos
6 months after the pivot we reached a crossroad. It was March of 2014 and we were failing to grow our product with businesses like we hoped. The graphs on our internal dashboard proved it in an uncomfortable and striking manner. Our choices were to figure out what was wrong, reimagine the product yet again or begin shutting the company down.
We understood some of what was causing our growth to be linear (we needed it to be exponential). The sales cycles were longer than we had hoped for our smaller accounts which ranged from $29 to $149 per month. Customers we reached out to that were interested took 6-12 weeks to make a buying decision for a $69 purchase, our middle tier. Our efforts on inbound marketing were going okay but we didn't see how we could drastically change that; those things take time. Our focus from November had been 100% on sales and marketing and it wasn't panning out to meet our projections.
Reimagining a product once can be easy but each subsequent time it gets harder. There's more baggage both in terms of product and how it shapes your view of the market. That didn't stop us. A conversation with a friend about physical devices gave birth to the idea of Trovebox running on an external hard drive or network attached storage. In the end we decided not to pursue building a physical device - largly inspired by a conversation with [Steve Song of Village Telco fame](
Turns out that excercise wasn't all wasted. We found interest from some of the largest NAS makers in running Trovebox on the devices they sold. It ranged from licensing interest to acquisition interest. After comparing the opportunities we knew that an acquisition made the most sense.
It took 6 months of discussions before arriving at the end of this journey and we agreed to be acquired by Western Digital.
There were too many lessons learned during this time to remember at once. I'll continue to add to this series as memories surface in my mind.
> Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing. -- Warren Buffett
The end.

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