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<div class="landing-page-buttons">
<div class="landing-page-buttons-main">
<a href="{{ web-start-page }}" class="button landing-page-buttons-read-online">Read online</a>
<a href="{{ path-to-root-directory }}{{ include.read }}" class="button landing-page-buttons-read-online">Read online</a>
<div class="landing-page-buttons-secondary">
<a href="{{ path-to-root-directory }}downloads/{{ title | slugify }}.pdf" class="landing-page-buttons-pdf">PDF</a>
<a href="{{ path-to-root-directory }}downloads/{{ title | slugify }}.epub" class="landing-page-buttons-epub">EPUB</a>
<a href="{{ include.buy-link }}" class="landing-page-buttons-buy">Buy the book</a>
<a href="{{ path-to-root-directory }}{{ include.pdf }}" class="landing-page-buttons-pdf">PDF</a>
<a href="{{ path-to-root-directory }}{{ include.epub }}" class="landing-page-buttons-epub">EPUB</a>
<a href="{{ include.buy }}" class="landing-page-buttons-buy">Buy the book</a>
......@@ -11,7 +11,10 @@ style: home
{% include landing-page-buttons
The Shuttleworth Foundation funds those who are not only brave enough to reimagine the future, but also brave enough to try. And we challenge ourselves to do the same.
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